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Many travel players want to play field hockey in college.  There is a specific process for schools within each division of the NCAA.  Recruiting advice directly from college coaches are:

  • attend camps at the colleges you are interested in
  • participate in a travel club that attends showcase or recruiting tournaments
  • participate in the USAFH Futures program

How to get started:

Figure out what you are interested in studying and find schools that have a major in that field

Put together a list of schools by your Sophomore year in high school.

Start to visit campuses the summer before your Junior year.

Make a list of what you like at each school and start to cross schools off your list by the end of the summer. 

Reach out to the coaches when you are visiting campus.

Play in college recruiting tournaments so coaches can see you.

What should I be looking for in a school?

Does the school have your program/area of study?

Size of school

Distance from home

What is their field hockey program like?

Does it match your level of skill?

How do you fit in with the team?

Could you see yourself playing for the coach?

Does the financial cost fit into your family budget?

How do I initiate contact with a coach?

Visit the Athletics homepage and fill out the field hockey specific recruiting questionnaire.

Send an introductory email to the coach - you can put together a player resume to attach to the email.

Email the coach every time you have a tournament with the schedule and your jersey number.

Once you have established a relationship with the coach and you have narrowed down your list, keep them updated every week or two with how your tournaments are going, ect.

Visit the campus and have a sit down with the coach. You can also set up a visit through Admissions and email the coach with the date/time and ask if they are around to meet.

The more you communicate, the better chance you have of being recruited!!!

The Potomac Rapids attends the following recruiting tournaments:

  • National Club Championships
  • USA Field Hockey Festival
  • Disney Showcase
  • Disney Junior Showcase
  • Focus College Showcase

Click here for the NCAA Eligibility Center.  Download the 2016-17 Guide for the College-Bound Student Athlete;  the "Recruiting Regulations" section begins on page 21.  Download the NCAA Eligibility Center Quick Reference Guide.  Click here to view the 2014-15 field hockey recruiting calendar.

Click here to view colleges with NCAA field hockey programs: