To bring a higher level of field hockey to all age groups in Northern VA

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As Director of Sport EuroTour, a nationally recognized leader in international field hockey programs abroad, we asked ourselves, "What could we do to introduce all USA players to this high-end level and quality of field hockey training?" (That was in 2001 - 10,000 campers ago.)

The answer - Olympic Gold Medalists and Top International Coaches and Players coming to the USA to train US players, implementing a European camp format.

The BEST coaches assembled in one place in the USA - without exception.
The BEST technical skill training in the USA - absolutely.
The MOST fun - definitely.

How can we say we're the best?  With so many camps to choose from, what makes us World Camp USA different?

  • A European Camp on US soil
  • Elite International Coaching /// Staff Assembled In Holland
  • Flown to USA Exclusively For World Camp
  • Using a Proven European Camp Format
  • With a Cutting Edge Technical Program
  • Limited Camp Size /// Individual Attention to Players Game
  • 1000 Balls in Play /// for Intense Drills & Repetitions
  • Unique bonding program

Bob Whitcher
Owner & Director, Sport EuroTour
Co-Owner, World Camp USA


Thomas Tichelman
Because we start with the best to get the best, demonstarted by our relationship with our Technical Advisor and co-founder, Thomas Tichelman, FIH "Master Coach" a Grade 1 Developmental Coach (the only one in the World with that designation). He is also exclusive camp provider to the European Hockey Federation - and he is a former Olympic Silver Medal coach with the Dutch Men's National Team and currently with the Dutch Olympic Gold Medal Women's team. And there's more...


Tjerk van Herwaarden
Our Technical Director is Tjerk van Herwaarden, a Dutch National who has been creating a name for himself in the USA. With this resume, who isn't impressed...

  • Currently Harvard Head Coach
  • Former Interim Head Coach for the USA Women's National Team (currently assisting the team)
  • a 5 time NCAA Champion coach (2010, 2008, 2006 & 2005) and 4 time ACC Champion
  • Former Associate Head Coach and Technical Director for the University of Maryland
  • USFHA Level 3 Accreditation (one of only 7 in the USA)
  • USFHA Level 2 Coaching Course Conductor & Assessor
  • former USA National Men's Team Assistant Coach
  • Head Coach Maryland Women's High Performance
  • Head Coach Mid Atlantic Men's High Performance

Join us at what has turned out to be a truly extraordinary field hockey camp!