To bring a higher level of field hockey to all age groups in Northern VA

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Past & Present Staff Members:  These guys are the Best of the Best! 

These are but a few, past and present, who join us each summer - and there are more new faces coming to work exclusively for World Camp USA every year.


Vincent van Hall :: 2015 Summer Camp Technical Director
Vincent is Head Coach for the 1st ladies team at Hic HC in Amsterdam. Through the years Vincent has been coach of the top youth in Holland at their strongest clubs – specializing in development. He also spent many years as assistant coach at the highest senior league with the Hurley ladies 1st team in the Hoofdklasse - the world’s top league.



Richard de Snaijer :: Assistant Technical Director 
Former National league player and top scorer of the Dutch top league (Hoofdklasse). Known around the world for his drag flick.  Currently Head coach of the 1st ladies team of Rotterdam. Richard has coached and shown success at the highest levels in the Netherlands having won the Euroleague with topside Laren HC. 




Joining Vincent and Richard, and a first for World Camp, will be a contingent of South African coaches helping support the training program. They come to us through Vincent’s international experience and his work in South Africa training players there.

The on-field Technical Program is written and designed by Dutch native Tjerk Van Herwaarden, who is a former acting US Womens National Team Head Coach and currently Head Coach at Harvard University. 

At all World Camps, training or coaching on-field is only done by professional international coaches.  World Camp is not an endurance camp, a showcase or a tournament.  It is a skill-camp, helping ALL field hockey players increase their skill-sets, regardless of their ability when they start camp.  Our staff know the game - at a level that is second to none.




Tjerk van Herwaarden :: World Camp Technical Director :: Co-founder
Harvard University Head Coach
2012 Interim USA Women's National Team Head Coach
5 NCAA National DI Titles


Harvard University Field Hockey Head Coach and appointed in winter 2012 as Interim Head Coach for the USA Women's National team is also an NCAA National Champion: 2011, '10, 08, 06 & 05 Tjerk (pronounced Cherick) has won FIVE National Collegiate Championships with Maryland in his seven years there (also 4 ACC Championships). Unbelievable! Tjerk is a former Assistant Coach for the USA Men's National Team, as well as Head Coach for USFHA High-Performance mid-Atlantic region. Tjerk is a native of the Netherlands with extensive coaching experience there. He is a KNHB (Dutch) Level A and B licensed coach and a Coach Conductor. In addition to his coacoing at Harvard, Tjerk is now setting his sights on the upcoming World Cup in Spring 2014, where he will be on the sideline helping train the US Ladies National Team in their quest for Gold!

Thomas Tichelman :: World Camp Technical Advisor :: Co-founder
Current Assist Coach with the Dutch Women's Olympic GOLD Team... Former Assist Coach with the Dutch Men's Olympic SILVER Team

Thomas Tichelman, a 2012 Olympic Silver Medal winner as Head Technical Trainer and Dutch Men's National Team Coach, is one of the most renowned coaches in the world. The Dutch technical system is recognized as being the most advanced in the world – and Thomas has had a hand in that. Always on the cutting edge of Hockey, Thomas has trained some of the best in our sport, including Teun De Nooijer, Taco van den Honert and Bram Lomans. Working with van den Honert, Thomas is credited with perfecting the Drag Flick – and with the Amsterdam Free University of Movement Sciences, he designed the Zonal Training System – allowing players and coaches the ability to breakdown specific skill-sets needed to perform at maximum efficiency while playing the ball at every angle to the body. Thomas is now concentrating on the World Cup in India - and bringing home the Gold. Thomas uses his global network - at the highest levels - the Olympic Gold Level - to select and recruit TOP Coaches for our USA Camps.

Joppe de Vries :: Technical Director
Joppe was first introduced to the USA as World Camp Technical Director. He has worked for us four years - and through his experience was recruited to be part of the best collegiate program in the nation - with the University of Maryland as Assistant Coach and Technical Director. Joppe says: "Here in America, you do things 110 percent, and that's what I really like." Joppe comes to the Terps with over a decade of top international coaching experience, including serving as goal keeping coach for the South African national teams in preparation for the London Olympics.

"Joppe is technically an outstanding choice to join our coaching staff," Meharg said. "He's had a variety of hands-on coaching experiences, both internationally at the Olympic level and the Dutch club system, which is the best club system in the world. We are really pleased with what he will bring to the University of Maryland.... it will be a real honor to work with Joppe."

Over the last 12 years, he worked with various club teams in the Netherlands, including coaching the Rotterdam Hockey Club and former Terrapin Berber Rischen. Terrapin greats Paula Infante and Boukje Vermeullen also played with the Rotterdam Hockey Club.  From 2010 through 2012, de Vries developed with the goalkeepers of South Africa's senior men's and women's national teams, as well as the Under-18 and Under-21 teams.

Katie O'Donnell :: Staff
Katie joined us at Swarthmore in 2013 while off duty as Striker for the US National Team. A 2009 and 2010 Honda Sports Award winner, she has 128 caps with the U.S. National Team, including the Olympics in London last summer. A University of Maryland Stand-out and a product of a local area school, Wissahickon High School in PA.

Teun de Nooijer :: Staff
Olympic Gold Medal Winner Winner of 2006, 2005 & 2003 FIH WorldHockey Men’s Player of the Year - De Nooijer, TRIPLE Winner of FIH WorldHockey Men’s Player of the Year is known as the "Flying Dutchman", is recognized internationally as one of the best current field hockey players in the world today!!!! Hockey at its absolute best. Teun has played in over 300 international matches (Caps).

Taco van den Honert :: Staff
Taco, won Gold at the 2012 Olympics with the Dutch Ladies as their Techincal Trainer - and is Head Coach of Amsterdam Mens Hockey Team in the Premier League (Champions 2012- & 2011) - and in his prime he was rated one of the best players in the world, exemplified in 1996, penalty corner specialist Taco van den Honert of Holland, with 11 goals, was the top scorer in the Atlanta Olympic Games. Taco was selected as a member of the "World Eleven" (the best 11 players in the World) and recognized as MVP of "World Eleven" – the Best of the Best!    He has played in 218 international matches and scored 188 goals. Taco worked our camps us every summer for 9 successive years.

Bram Lomans :: Staff
Two Time Olympic Gold Medal Winner Was once rated the Best Penalty Corner Drag Flicker in the World - Bram has two Olympic gold medals and another World Cup victory under his belt. Lomans was regarded as the top penalty corner striker in the world. The 26-year-old Lomans is still on the active roster for Holland's National team. Since making his debut in 1994 and has scored a total of 110 goals in a career that spans 140 international matches.

Chris Clements :: Staff (Technical Dir.)
USA Men's National Team Coach, and former Associate Head Coach at Boston College & Premier League Player - Chris Clements Coaches at Boston College. He got his taste of American field hockey as a Staff member with World Camp USA.Clements, originally from New Zealand, by way of playing Premier League in Holland, was the coach and technical trainer for Klein Zwitserland's HC U-18 Girls Division Three National Championship team and U-18 Boys Division One team. Clements was the initiator and director of the Klein Zwitserland Hockey Academy's Monday Masters as well.

Timme Hoyng :: Staff
Dutch National Team Player - Timme currently plays with the Dutch National team and for the 1st team of Amsterdam (Premier League) - and has just won a National Championship as well winning the European Championship.

Sebastiaan Westerhout :: Staff
Dutch National Team Player - Premier League Player - Sabastiaan was one of the top players with the Dutch Men U21 National Team - and is now playing on the Dutch National team. He has trained US players for the past few years and shows players, through demonstrations, exactly how each skill-set is accomplished.

Kristiaan Timman :: Staff
Dutch National Team Player - Premier League Player - Kristiaann plays with the Dutch National team and also plays for the 1st team of Amsterdam (Premier League) and has played in European Cup as well winning the European Championship and has been a national champion. He is also a development coach for the KNHB (or Dutch National Hockey Association.) A top talent.

Timo Bruinsma :: Staff
U21 Dutch National Team Player - Premier League Player - Timo plays for the 1st team of Amsterdam (Premier League) has been a national champion as well won a European Championship. Also has played for the Dutch National U21 team, winning the European Championships & World Championship.

Eric-Jan Iding :: Staff
Dutch National Team Player - Premier League Player - Eric-Jan is a Premier League Striker for the 1st team of HGC for over the last 4 years. He has been selected for the Dutch men U21 team. Further he's been coaching several of our Dutch Camps as well as youth teams at HGC.

Don Prins :: Staff
Premier League Player - Don is a Premier League player with Pinoke HC after previous play with Amsterdam HC where he helped win the European Championship.

Robert Tigges :: Staff
Dutch National Team Player - Premier League Player - Robert plays for the Amsterdam after spending mot of his career with the Rotterdam Rooster's and was second in team scoring only to Sohail Abbas (who is considered the best drag flicker in the world).

Colin McLennan :: Staff
Dutch National Team Player - Premier League Player - Colin McLennan a Premier League Player on the first team of HGC for 9 years. Played in the Dutch men U16, 18 & 21. Has also been selected for the Dutch National team (indoor & outdoor). Over the years he has coached several youth teams of HGC.

Alexander Robert :: Staff
U16/18/21 National Team Player - Premier League Player - Alexander is our licensed goalie coach extraordinaire. He has extensive coaching experience with the European Hockey Federation's Camp of Excellence. Alexander is also a licensed Physiotherapist (trainer).

Bas van Stekelenburg :: Staff
Dutch National Team Player (ret.) - In addition to Bas' Dutch National Team experience, he's had extensive coaching responsibilities in Holland and with the European Hockey Federation's "Camp of Excellence". Bas knows the US playing style and skill-sets well, having coached US players with Sport EuroTour. His 3rd Year with World Camp USA.

Richard de Snaaijer :: Staff (Technical Dir.)
Premier League Player / Technical Director - Previously played with Premier League club Nieuw-Zeeland. Richard is now devoting all his time to coaching at the highest levels.

Daan van de Wilk :: Staff
Premier League Player - Premier League Player on the first team of HGC for 2 years.

Mathijs van Weerd :: Staff
Premier League Player - Premier League Player on the first team of Pinoke for 4 years. Has trained Pinoke girls U16 in 2003/04. and trained Pinoke boys U16 in 2004/05. And 4 years training Americans in Europe with Sport EuroTour.

Tjeerd Steller :: Staff
21 National Team Player - Premier League Player - Dutch U21 National Team Player - Premier League Player on the first team of SCHC for 4 years. Having played Premier League at Kraaien, Amsterdam and Hurley HC over the past 4 years. Was Dutch Champion U18's. Played on the Dutch National team U16, U18 and now U21.

Bartol Berkhout :: Staff
Dutch U21 National Team Coach - In additional to his extensive National team affiliation, he is also coach for the first Ladies Team with Pinnoke. Bartol has had a lot of experience with US players, having trained them with Sport EuroTour's exclusive Clinic programs in Holland.

Antoine van den Haak :: Staff
Premier League Player - Antoine, or Tony as we call him in the USA, is a Premier League Player on the 1st Team of Bloemendaal HC, teaming with Teun De Nooijer. Tony has had extensive experience coaching with SportWays Amsterdam, The European Hockey Federation and Sport EuroTour.

Alexander Cox :: Staff
2012 Olympic Gold - Premier League Player - International Coach - Alexander won Gold as a Techincal Trainer at the 2012 Olympics with the Dutch Ladies - Early on in his career he coached one of the top U18 boy’s teams of Holland. He’s a youth development coach for the Dutch Field Hockey Association (KNHB). Alexander also plays for the 1st team of ZSV Schaerweijde. He is also a veteran of Sport EuroTour programs.